Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scary Palinistas

Sarah Palin scares me, but her fans scare me more. She appeared in Grand Rapids, Michigan, yesterday to promote her book, and the overwhelmingly white fans who showed up praised for her for standing up against big government and the assault on the Constitution. She showed up the Barnes and Noble store waving on a balcony floor, as if she were some wise guru acknowledging her cult. The vibe of utter ignorance could have caused the book store to levitate. Nate Silver of found that she's statistically in a good position to win the Republican presidential nomination, making her dangerous. Although a majority of Americans give her an unfavorable rating, a large minority - 38 percent, in some polls - still support her. How many of those who don't may be open to persuasion, especially if the economy sinks even lower (as if that were possible)?
Meanwhile, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) celebrated his length of service in both houses of Congress yesterday. Byrd served a total of 56 years and 320 days in the House and the Senate combined, a new record. How long can Byrd, who turns 92 tomorrow, last in the Senate? Right now, I think Harry Reid would be happy to see Byrd last long enough to vote on the health care bill.
Every vote does count.

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