Monday, September 19, 2022

The Climate Is Still Changing

Given the calm weather the Northeast has been having of late and the return of normal weather to Europe in time for fall, a lot of people might think that climate change is not as bad as once feared. Actually, it's worse. The drought in the West is deepening, California is still burning, a third of Pakistan is flooded, and Alaska is getting the remnants of a typhoon that are causing more problems up there than the remnants of Hurricane Ida caused in New Jersey in 2021.  

"But Steve," you might ask, "look at the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season! Only three named storms before early July, then nothing, then three named storms in September!  At this time in 2020 we had had 21 named storms!"

Yes, but the last three storms have all been hurricanes.  And while none of these hurricanes have been major (Category 3 or higher) and two have been so-called fish storms, not affecting land, the third September storm, Hurricane Fiona, just laid waste to Puerto Rico and caused a huge power outage.

"Well," you might ask, "how many people on the island have lost power?"

How many people are there on the island?

"No, Steve," you're probably asking, "I'm asking how many people on the island have lost power."

And I'm asking how many people are there on the island!

"Oh, quit pussyfooting around," you're probably asking, "and just tell me - How many people on the island of Puerto Rico have lost power?"

All of 'em, boy!

Just be glad Trump is no longer President.  He'd be throwing them paper towels.

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