Saturday, July 18, 2020


Now why would Donald Trump and his scatterbrained, rich-bitch heiress Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (below) try to force schools to re-open schools for on-site classes (no remote-only instruction) in the middle of a pandemic?
Because when kids stay at home and learn online, not unlike in Issac Asimov's futurist short story "The Fun They Had," parents have to stay home with them.  When they go to school in a physical, tangible building, the parents can go to work and help the economy.  Even if parents already work at home, getting them out of the house would encourage them to buy things while they're out - especially takeout food on the lunch hours - and help Trump.
Neither DeVos - a staunch  proponent of charter schools - nor Trump really want kids to get an education in the schools.  They want them to be baby-sat at the schools. If they got a real education, they'd be able to think critically and then they grow up and use their intellectual skills to reject a future Barron Trump presidential candidacy.  (Okay, maybe Barron, only fourteen years of his age at this writing, won't end up being like his dad.  But given the demeanor of his half-siblings, and given the fact that Melania is his mother, I don't hold out much hope.)
In my New Jersey school district, there are plans to reopen the schools because New Jersey has done such a phenomenal job containing COVID-19.  But if I were a parent, I'd certainly think twice - thrice, even - before sending my kids to school.  And I definitely wouldn't send them to Pleasure Island instead.  Because Disney World, which just reopened, is in Florida, and that state's COVID-19 situation is a disaster.

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