Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Message To Biden-Hating Progressives

My message is this.
Shut the hell up.
That's right, shut the hell up.  If you have nothing nice to say about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, then don't say anything - that is, shut the hell up.  No one wants to hear your nasty comments about Biden's stutter - which you think is a sign of cognitive decline - no one wants to hear your snarky put-downs about his economic policies, and no one wants to see you roll your eyes when he makes a coherent statement - uncharacteristic though that may be, but remember, he has a stutter - in espousing a policy that you don't agree with.  There are already reactionaries on the Trump side doing that.  We don't need all that crap coming from the left.
You know, you Biden-hating "progressives" really make me sick.  Even after your hero, Bernie Sanders, endorsed Biden after withdrawing as a presidential candidate and promised to work to get Uncle Joe to move a little more to the left, you still haven't been able to stop ridiculing Joe every chance you get.  You're still, still upset that Bernie isn't going to be the nominee. So you wouldn't have chosen Biden as the nominee.  Well, guess what - I wouldn't have chosen him either.  If I were a Democrat, which I am not, I would probably backed either Jay Inslee or Michael Bennet, but Bennet didn't make it past New Hampshire and Inslee never even made it Iowa.  I wanted Martin O'Malley - you remember, that other Irish Catholic from a mid-Atlantic state that you couldn't stop dissing because he wasn't liberal enough for you? - to run again in 2020, but he said no to another shot.  Well, Democrats have spoken, and they want Biden to be their nominee, and if he's the nominee bar a major disaster - and you obviously keep hoping for one, don't you? - so be it.  But he will be the nominee, and you will vote for him , because voting Green or staying home isn't an option - not this time.  In 2016, it was easier to vote against Hillary Clinton, because Trump wasn't President, the notion of him as President was just that - a notion, and a laughable one - and Hillary was expected to win the Presidency.  But Trump is in the White House, and no one is laughing.  Trump, thanks to voter suppression and a huge money advantage, would be hard for any Democratic presidential nominee - even your beloved Bernie - to defeat.  But the stakes are high, we're in the worst pandemic in over a hundred years, and we have no time for your tantrums and your antics.  We have to stop Trump.  So please, next time you want to bash Biden, don't - just shut the hell up!
I hope this has been helpful.    

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barddo said...

Hillary Clinton spent close to 1.5 billion dollars to trumps 6 - 8 million I see a Huge disparity but not in trumps favor.