Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Decline of the Democratic National Committee Explained

If the Democrats manage to win back the House of Representatives and take over eight governorships next week, it will be no thanks to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
Let me explain how the DNC declined and fell like the Roman Colosseum.
Under DWS, when the political careers of many Democrats went RIP,  the DNC went DOA.
In 2016, when the DNC got in trouble for tipping the scales for Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination, and DWS was Xed out, the party had to turn it up a couple of DBs.
 And once America got the DTs . . .
. . . the Democrats TP'ed themselves in response.
And so many rank-and-file Democrats are disillusioned, they want to go running to Mom.
Maybe they should consider running to M'OM.
Because, through his Win Back Your State PAC (don't you hate those silly initials?), Martin O'Malley has learned what voters want and what voters are concerned about.  Unlike the Democratic National Committee.  If the Democrats do well in this election, thank Martin O'Malley, and pay attention to what he says if and when he runs for President again.  
Listen to your M'OM.
Win Back Your State.  Because the DNC won't.  

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