Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Stormy Michael

Not a porn star and her lawyer.
It seems like, just when we thought the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season was waning, a new tropical cyclone named Michael has formed.  Originally a tropical storm, it's heading for the Florida panhandle as a hurricane.
But it was supposed to be Category 1 or 2 hurricane. Now it's supposed to be Cat 3 - major! 
We have now had as many named tropical systems at this time in the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season as we had at this time in the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season.  (Remember Matthew?)
As the most recent track indicates, it will likely weaken rapidly once it makes landfall, but it is still going to dump a ton of rain on the Carolinas - which is still trying to recover from Florence.  And while my area may not be affected by Michael, a line of thunderstorms - pushed by yet another strong cold front crossing the Northeast - will still dump over an inch of rain on our lawns and possibly a whole forest of trees in our living rooms.  And if the two systems converge . . . :-O
Oh yeah, we on this planet have until 2030 to slow down climate change or we're doomed.  I'll address that story later . . ..   

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