Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Saving the Internet

In California, Governor Jerry Brown just singed a bill rendering the repeal of Net neutrality . . . neutered in his state.  Internet service providers in California now have to respect Internet neutrality by not slowing down some traffic and speeding up some other traffic and charging more for the faster speeds.  And no blocking of content politically objectionable to the service providers!
The U.S. Justice Department has sued to stop the re-instatement of Net neutrality in California, citing the supremacy of federal deregulation over state regulation.  It figures that Jeff Sessions would suddenly forget the beauty of states' rights now.
But then, Congress does have the power to oversee interstate commerce, and the last time I checked, the Internet providers who are in California are in other states.  So the Tenth Amendment may not be applicable here. But the First Amendment is, since the repeal of Net neutrality involves free speech.  
Let the court battles begin.  Ajit Pai may have thought the battle was over when he scuttled Net neutrality earlier this year, but I predict that it's only just begun.          

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