Sunday, October 21, 2018

Going West or Going South?

Everyone says that, as soon as Donald Trump is out of office, once there is a 46th President of the United States, American politics will go back to normal, and that we'd return to accepted standards of behavior.
This picture should dispel that rainbows-and-unicorns prophecy. 
You see, there was once a time when people thought that rap would come and go and we'd get back to accepted standards of popular music . . . and make music with guitars and pianos again, and tht pop stars would once again be required to sing.  Kanye West's continuing presence in our popular culture proves that we were wrong about the future of American music, but not as wrong as we might be about the future of American politics.
And both of those negative cultural trends met at the White House this month in a very unharmonic convergence.

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