Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hot Hundred

Or close to it.
Temperatures in northern New Jersey have flirted with one hundred degrees Fahrenheit over the past couple of days, and a lot of us in this part of the country aren't happy about it.  Me, I've been taking it easy, going to the pool, and just trying to do everything possible to stay cool.  
Am I hoping for a break in the heat?  Yes, but not a clean one.  I don't want to see it get to the point that when a cold front does come through, it doesn't whip up the sort of severe thunderstorms that knock out the electricity for hours.  While the heat hasn't put a strain on our electricity, it's already tested our cable connection - a TV outage this past Friday was followed by a telephone and Internet outage on Sunday and four more telephone and Internet outages yesterday.  (Part of all this had to do with a cut cable, but what caused the cable to break in the first place?)  This coming Friday's forecast calls for widespread thunderstorms all day long thanks to a cold front, and temperatures should come down enough to provide noticeable relief. 
Just the same, I'll have to cross my fingers when the cold front does come through . . . and hope the more comfortable weather for the weekend doesn't come at a price. :-O

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