Monday, April 16, 2018

Raining All Over The World

Or so it seems.
We in the metropolitan New York City area have gotten up to two inches of rain - in some areas three inches - and some of that rain fell at an inch an hour, which is like getting a foot of snow.  Not a nor'easter, not a line of  severe thunderstorms, but stormy enough to make people wonder what the hell is going on with this weather (*cough cough*, climate change, *cough cough*).
Oh yeah, the stormy weather we got is a by-product of a major April blizzard in the Plains that also handled the upper Great Lakes region and southeastern Ontario.
It may be spring, but the extreme weather that's been going on since late February is hardly over.  Thanks to a phenomenon no one can comprehend (*cough cough*, climate change, *cough cough*), this period of extreme weather is only just beginning.
And thanks to Scott Pruitt and his new coal-lobbyist deputy, it's not going to end. >:-(   

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