Monday, February 5, 2018

Out Of Balance

Larry Nassar was recently convicted of sexually abusing female gymnasts he was supposed to be treating for injuries and sentenced to 175 years in prison.  That's roughly one year for every girl he abused, and I'm not saying that to be funny.  :-O
Heads are rolling at Michigan State University, where Nassar was an associate professor and participated in the USA Gymnastics program.  Nassar's head almost rolled itself when the father of one of his victims lunged at him in court during a sentencing for yet another sex-abuse crime.  Much to people's collective chagrin, the father was restrained.
After hearing stories of psychological abuse by coaches in women's gymnastics involving athletes who are younger than eighteen years of age, and after hearing the Nassar story, I've come to the following conclusions.
Women's gymnastics should be for women, not girls.  And the coaches and doctors in women's gymnastics should also be women.   

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