Thursday, January 25, 2018

Martin O'Malley Takes a Run To Fox . . .

. . . and hides himself away.

Martin O'Malley, the Democrat other Democrats love to ignore, has disappeared from MSNBC of late, but he's still on TV.  But it doesn't look the same . . . the way it did before.
That's because O'Malley has been going on Fox News.    
The would-be 46th U.S. President has been spending the last couple of weeks debating and defending his specialty topic, immigration, with the likes of Tucker Carlson, who rejected as stupid the idea that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees on their flight to Egypt, and Martha MacCollum, who tried to inject the case of Kate Steinle (who was accidentally killed by an immigrant) into the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals issue. O'Malley is a skilled, knowledgeable politician who can give as good as he gets, but he's wasting his time trying to argue with preppie snobs like Carlson and bottle-blondes like MacCallum.  He'll get the TV exposure that MSNBC no longer seems to be giving him (did Phil Griffin tell his talent at MSNBC not to waste precious air time talking to him because he's yesterday's news?), but his argument will always be cast in a negative light by the conservative pundits over at Fox, and he won't win any converts; no one watches Fox News to get their minds changed by a former Democratic governor.
Okay, okay, okay, he thinks he's got a pretty good case.  But going on Fox News is out of place.  He looked all right before, trying to persuade fellow Democrats and fellow liberals to consider him for the Presidency, which, even for him, is definitely easier than trying to get Fox News's right-wing audience to agree with him.
I've heard it all before . . .
I hope O'Malley recognizes the folly of hanging out with Carlson and MacCallum and goes back to his place - MSNBC, where he can build himself support for 2020.  Because at Fox, they, they, they don't wanna know his name.
Even less so than the liberal pundits who made fun of him before.

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