Thursday, August 17, 2017

Out of Business

Donald Trump just pulled the plug on his business advisory councils.
It seems that so many people on his American Manufacturing Council and Strategy & Policy Forum were quitting them in protest against his erratic and utterly irrational efforts to explain away Charlottesville that he decided to terminate the councils rather than see more people bail out.  This is the equivalent of throwing a chessboard and all the pieces against a wall rather than accept a checkmate.  But Trump isn't even bright enough to figure out how to win at checkers.
It became obvious that these councils were in trouble when Merck CEO Ken Frazier, who is black, quit the American Manufacturing Council when he could no longer tolerate Trump's tone-deaf attitude toward race. Trump petulantly dismissed Frazier's departure, saying he could now lower "ripoff" drug prices.  Maybe he can develop a breakthrough anti-cancer drug like he's done before, eh, Trump?  Because Frazier, I understand, is driven to push for life-saving drug research by the same impulse that caused him to leave Trump's stupid council: principle.    
Trump's not only unhinged, he's flying off the doorway.  He can't accept the fact that the most despised and feared groups in these United States are sustaining him.  That would include the Republican rank and file - four out of five Republicans approve of his job performance as President.  And while it is true that not every Republican is a bigot, most bigots are Republicans.
And equating Robert E. Lee with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in the fight over removing Confederate statues and momuments doesn't even make good nonsense.  I say, take down all the Lee statues, already.   We don't have statues for Benedict Arnold.   Norway doesn't have statues of Vidkun Quisling.  France doesn't have any statues of P├ętain.
Now that Trump's business councils have been terminated, we should concentrate on terminating the Trump Presdiency.
As Martin O'Malley would say, now we fight.
And you know what I mean by "fight" here, Jake Tapper.

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