Monday, July 31, 2017

By the Time I Get To Portland . . .

. . . it will be as hot as Phoenix.
The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch this week for Portland - Portland, Oregon, not Portland, Maine.  Apparently there is a ridge in the jet stream that will allow super-hot air from the Southwest  up to the Pacific Northwest region that will send temperatures above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit for three days in a row!
Those aren't heat indices, either - those are actual air temperatures!  Seattle will only be slightly cooler, in the upper nineties! 
It's rarely supposed to get above eighty degrees Fahrenheit in the Pacific Northwest in the summertime.  This is practically the flip side of the polar vortex that froze the East for two or three winters in a row.   This is more evidence that climate change is real.  Not that Donald Trump will admit to it.  We've just had a spell of cool weather in the Northeast Corridor; he'll likely point out that, if there's global warming, why is it so cool in the Northeast in July?
Because it's not global warming.  It's climate change.  Difference.
And there is a special place in hell waiting for Steve Bannon for getting Trump to pull These States out of the Paris Agreement.    
In the meantime, let him get a taste of the afterlife by having him go to Portland this week.

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