Thursday, June 22, 2017

Na, Na, Na, Gonna Have a Mistrial!

So what was that all about?
After a two-week trial of Bill Cosby on sexual assault allegations in which the jurors were sequestered and shielded from any news about the case, in which the prosecution was well-prepared an armed for bear, two jurors rendered the jury unable to reach a verdict?  The recollections of Andrea Constand, the woman who brought the charges, were deemed inconsistent by the defense, and Judge Steven O'Neill, when asked by the prosecution to bring forward thirteen witnesses, allowed the prosecution to being forward all but twelve of them.  Of course Andrea Constand had inconsistent memories - after thirteen years,  I would expect her not to remember details clearly, but I'm sure she'd remember the central highlight of her case.  And thirteen witnesses would have backed her up. You call that a fair trial for the prosecution?
Let's not forget that Bill Cosby is not accused of assaulting only a few women, but 59 women - fifty-nine!  And he's made sexual boasts alluding to assault in the past.  What would have convinced those two jurors or anyone else in that group of twelve that he's as guilty as sin?
Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steel says he will try the case again.  Good luck finding another suitable jury.

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