Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Breaking Ties

I'm in a cord-cutting mood.
I was on the phone with a so-called "friend" of mine who started probing and prying into the most intimate details of my personal life - I'll call this person PP, after this person's Cyrillic initials.  It wasn't the first time PP had done this, and PP also brought up something else I didn't want to talk about, making me feel very uncomfortable and unclean.  I had distanced myself from PP before, always giving PP another chance and hoping that PP would stop this sort of behavior, but this time was definitely the last straw.
I dropped PP from my Facebook friends list.  I went even farther than that, though.  I deleted every "like," every comment and every photo and link I posted on PP's page.   I put a block on PP's phone number to make sure that PP couldn't call me back.  I did everything to erase any evidence that I ever had an association with this person, so that PP would never get back into my life again.  I'm through with this crap, and I have since decided that I should never have associated with such a person in the first place.  I'll say no more than that I met this person under some awkward circumstances that I should have avoided.
In that spirit, I have been cutting off as many "associations" as possible.  I found on my Facebook friends list a couple dozen connections with people and places I have had no business with for a long time and deleted them.  I also finally got around to unsubscribing to interest groups who would not stop soliciting me for their support.  And I plan to dump more e-mails that I have cluttering up my folders.  I want to pare down my associations and connections to the people, places and things that matter most.
And this so-called "friend" I began talking about never mattered.
Oh yeah, the friend who dropped me from Facebook for not voting for Hillary has since asked to have me back as a friend, so I accepted.  All is forgiven. 

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