Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump 100

Here are Trump's most significant accomplishments as President of the United States:

  • He signed a lot of executive orders.
  • He pushed a health care reform bill that failed.

That's it - and that's all.  Even the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court isn't something he can take credit for; he simply filled in a name from the Heritage Foundation and Mitch McConnell pushed it through.  The threatened government shutdown over the budget for the rest of the fiscal year - hardly a monumental accomplishment (well, maybe it is, these days) - was a bipartisan deal in Congress that was worked out with no input from the White House. Trump himself was disgusted with deal, even if it did boost military spending (maybe because it left Planned Parenthood funding alone) and said the country needs a shutdown when the 2018 budget is debated in September.
He also said that, after a hundred days, he found the job of President of the United States harder than he expected and he misses his old life.  Well, I know of someone who'd be happy to take over for him.
Oh, you know I was gonna bring Marty up, honey! :-p

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