Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rain and Wind and Thunder, Oh My!

It doesn't look like much on the model map for 2 PM Eastern Time today. 
The American Northeast is getting one to two inches of rain today, as much rain as we got on Tuesday.  So what? you ask, that's obviously nothing you can't handle.
Well, what if I told you that the ground was already well saturated before Tuesday, and we're no under a flood watch for the second time this week? 
What if I also told you that a strong wind is also expected - mainly in the upper teens in terms of speed but also with gusts of 40 miles an hour possible?
What if I also told you that my area could get severe thunderstorms with even higher gusts that would almost certainly topple trees onto power lines and cause outages that could last a long, long time?
What if I also told you that I have to go out today four times? 
Well, I am telling you all that - right now.  This could be the worst storm my area has seen in a long time, even counting the recent winter storms we've had.
Since we haven't had an electrical outage of an hour or longer for awhile, and since my power utility has been reliable in very nasty weather of late, I'm cautiously optimistic that we will not lose electricity.
Our cable service, on the other hand . . . :-O
Stick around . . . I may be back.    

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