Monday, April 17, 2017

Failure To Launch

Donald Trump is suddenly an internationalist.  He thinks the Chinese aren't so bad after all and the Russians aren't as cool as they seem.  I guess that proves it, the Russians had nothing to do with getting Trump into office - like, they were going to take a chance on promoting an irrational dude who just might turn against them?
It is in this milieu that the Trumpster decided to drop a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb on an Islamic State contingent in Afghanistan, which earned him condemnation from . . . the civilized world.  Even anti-Islamic State Afghans were appalled at this move, as it killed only a few dozen terror commandos while causing destruction that went beyond "mass."  It makes me wonder if Trump would use a bazooka to kill a mosquito.
And, as these guys will tell you, there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded mosquito.
If using a megabomb with an acronym that sounds like the name of a town in Utah was meant to scare North Korea into thinking twice about testing a missile that could carry a nuclear warhead, it didn't work.  Kim Jung Un had the missile fired anyway.  It didn't work.  
Meanwhile, speaking of misfires, the Democrats - you knew this was coming - ran a Bernie Sanders liberal, James Thompson, in a special election for the U.S House seat in Kansas vacated by Mike Pompeo when he became CIA director, and Thompson lost . . . but he could have won, despite the fact that Kansas has been a solidly Republican state since the the then-Grand Young Party shepherded the state into the Union in 1861.  But the Democratic National Committee, either convinced that Thompson would be blown out of the water (and so it wasn't worth the effort to help him) or so embarrassed that a progressive somehow got the nomination that it didn't want to be associated with him, didn't give Thompson the extra money and support that could have put him over the top.   The Democrats are now planning to blow a similar special U.S. House election in Montana, where another Sanders liberal is running for an open seat as the Democratic nominee, by ignoring him as well.  They seem to be concentrating more on tomorrow's special U.S. House election in Georgia to replace now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, where Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff is running in an open primary and could get 50 percent plus one and avoid a June runoff.  If he doesn't win a majority, though, he'll have to face a single Republican candidate in June instead of several, and then it will be even harder for him to get above 50 percent.
Uh, Dems?  You sure you thought out your special-election strategy well?
It looks like this misfire is going to bomb.

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