Saturday, December 13, 2014

More TV Show News

I haven't watched much TV lately; just a couple of ABC's Wednesday night sitcoms, and NBC's "About a Boy."  The new shows?  Ahh, I mostly can't be bothered.  Especially since one of the new shows I did bother with has already been canceled.
I'm talking about "A to Z," that sitcom with Cristin Milioti that chronicled a relationship between two lovers named Andrew and Zelda from the beginning to end, each episode focusing on a separate subject, each subject in alphabetical order.  It didn't make it beyond its thirteen-episode trial run, so it only got up to "M."  (For Milioti?)
I haven't seen any Nielsen numbers, but I wonder if NBC can stay out of last place.  It got out of the basement last season mainly due to its Winter Olympics coverage.  But while ABC, which ended up in the dreaded numero cuatro spot among the four broadcast networks last year, has also had a few cancellations - the sitcoms "Selfie" and "Manhattan Love Story" - and whether Shonda Rhimes'  Thursday night dramas can cancel out ABC cancellations is unknown for now. 
Speaking of Thursday nights . . .  NBC's "Parenthood" - which should never have been moved to a Thursday slot - bows out at the end of January after a brief December hiatus.  Zeek appears to be on the verge of death.  Get your Kleenex boxes ready for the series finale.    

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