Monday, December 1, 2014

Interesting Weather

Well, the four to seven inches of snow my area was supposed to get this past Wednesday turned out to be just couple of inches.  At times, the snowfall looked worse than it actually was . . . although in other parts of New Jersey, where there was heavier snow, some folks weren't so lucky.  Electrical blackouts were, in fact, reported.  But I didn't have one.    
So what's the weather supposed to be like for the month of December in my neck of the woods?  Well, it was warm and sunny earlier today, then it got dark and cloudy before four o'clock.  A mix of rain and snow is forecast for tomorrow, with temperatures in the upper thirties, then mild with rain on Wednesday, sunny and a bit cold on Thursday, followed by rain and snow for Friday, then rain Saturday.  Everything under the sun . . . and the clouds.
The overall average high and low temperatures for the first half of December are supposed to be mild, but one forecaster has suggested that the second half will get colder and . . . "more interesting."  Yeah?  Well, I hope that, on Christmas Eve, I don't have to shovel three feet of compounded interest!  :-O    

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