Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blinded By Science

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have announced an historic agreement to cut greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.  China and the United States are the planet's biggest polluters, so this will encourage other countries to get on board to combat global warming.  The deal has the United States reducing carbon emission levels 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. This is higher than a previous target to cut emissions 17 percent by 2020. China has pledged to reduce its own emissions by 2030, with no specific target set, though investments in alternative energies there have allowed Xi to commit himself to such a goal.
Republicans have already blasted the agreement, saying that it could hurt the economy, showing how little Republicans know or care about science (or wind power).  Americans in general have become ignorant about science, preferring to believe, for example, that God created the earth in six days when the proof shows that natural elements - which the Pope could theologically argue that God set into motion - created the earth over a much longer time frame, with comets as possible sources of the origins of water and maybe even the chemicals that make up the building blocks of life.   
The European Space Agency took a giant leap for mankind in landing its Rosetta spacecraft on an actual comet, which should open up a whole world of possibilities for understanding how the universe began.  It figures that this initiative wasn't an American one.       

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